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How to use the app

Adding the First Item

To add a new item, tap the + at the top right corner of the screen that appears when you start the app.

Name: Type the name of the bill or periodical, for example “Cable bill”, or “Time Magazine”. If the name you type matches a name that’s already in the list, a warning appears. It’s OK to do this — it’s only a warning.

Due Date: Tap the date on the right to display a calendar page where you can select the due date. This is the last date that you can handle this item. For example, if you plan on mailing a check to the electric company, and that bill is due on, say, June 10, you might want to set this date a few days earlier to allow for mail delay.

There are buttons below this field to help you select a date. I believe their functions are self-explanatory.

Price: This field is optional. You may enter the cost of the bill or the subscription price. If you enter anything here, it has to be a valid, nonnegative number. You might want to leave the price blank if the item describes a task, rather than a bill or subscription. This way, you’ll know how long you’ve been putting off doing it.

Notes: Here you can enter anything you like. Maybe the address where to mail the bill or a note on how to cancel a free trial. It’s up to you.

Options: Tap this button to bring up a screen that will let you create a “Paid” button (“Done” button for items without a price). This button will appear with the item in the list. This button will advance the due date according to the options you select. The selections allow for a specified number of days, weeks, months or years. The date advance can be from the date the item is paid (today’s date) or the due date. Tap “Done” at the upper right when you’re finished. Nothing is saved yet.

If you’re working with a bill or subscription, you probably want to set it to advance one month or one year from the due date. If you’re working with a task (no price), you might want to advance from the completion date, if you’ve been putting it off for a while.

When you’re ready, tap the Save button at the upper right. If the Name field is blank or the Price field contains an invalid number, the Save button won’t work. You can correct the problem or tap the Cancel button at the upper left.

The Items List

After you add an item, the list of all items appears. The items in the list show all the information you entered except the notes. The list is sorted by due date. The due date will be red if the date is today or earlier. If any items with a price are past due, the total past due amount is shown at the bottom of the list. If an item is past due or is within 30 days of its due date, a line below the due date indicates how close to or how far past the due date the item is.

Below the list, the total amount that is due within the next 30 days, including any past due amounts, is displayed.

If any items are past due, the total is shown next.

If you tap an item, a screen appears that allows you to edit any of the information in the item. The fields in this screen are identical to those of the one used to add an item.

To delete an item from the list, swipe it left. If you swipe it far enough, the item will be deleted immediately. If not, a Delete button will appear at the right. Tap it to delete the item. You can undo this.

You might want to delete an item after you pay the bill, but if it’s a recurring bill, you can just edit the due date by tapping the item. If it’s a monthly or annual bill, just tap the appropriate button (+1 month or +1 year) and tap Save.

Even better, use the “Options” button, described above, to advance the due date.


When you edit or delete an item, an undo button appears at the top of the items list, to the left of the Add button. Tapping this after a delete restores the deleted item to the list. After an edit, tapping the Undo button reverts the item to the way it was before it was edited. In this case, the Undo button remains on the screen so you can tap it again to Undo the Undo (sometimes known as Redo).


If the list isn’t empty, you’ll see a magnifying glass at the top of the screen. Tap it, and a search bar appears. (Tap it again to make it go away). If you enter any text in the search bar, the displayed list will only show those items whose name contains that string of characters.


You can export the list to your device or to iCloud. You can then use this as backup, or you can import the list from iCloud to another device logged into the same Apple account. You can also export the list to a shared folder on iCloud, then import it onto any device that has access to that folder.

When you import a list using the Replace button, it replaces the list that is currently on the device. This can’t be undone, so be sure that this is what you want.

You can also import using the Merge button. In this case, if the same* item is in both the file being imported and the current list, only the item that was changed most recently will be in the resulting list. (Any items modified by versions of the app earlier than 1.2 are considered to have been modified earlier than items modified by version 1.2 and later, regardless of when they were actually changed. This is because the earlier versions did not keep track of when the changes were made.)

*An item with the same name is not necessarily considered the same item. You can have duplicate names in your list. Each item, when it’s created, is given a unique ID. Two items with the same ID are the same item. This happens when you import a list onto another device. The imported items are the same as the ones on the device that created the import file. Even if you change the name on one of the devices, they’re still the same item.


Turn the switches on or off depending on whether you want to be notified on the day a due date has arrived or if you want the icon on the device’s home screen to show how many items have reached their due date.

Privacy Policy

This app does not collect any data.

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